Summer Woodfirings! / by Elizabeth Phelps Meyer

This summer I was fortunate to participate in two wood firings. I glazed and fired over 215 of the vessels I had created for Plainsong Kico, Part 1 as part of the Seachange Voyage/Residency. The first firing, at Peters Valley School of Craft, involved 5 days of stoking a huge "dragon" of an anagama kiln (named Emily by her builders). Over the course of the firing each participant had 5 six-hour stoking shifts. Matthew Schiemann of the Morean Arts Center in St. Petersburg, FL was our instructor and firing captain. The second firing, at Tony Moore Studio, was more familiar to me (as a repeat member of his wood-firing community). Below are some photos and highlights from these experiences.

Peters Valley School of Craft Anagama Firing, August 17 - 21

Tony Moore Noborigama Firing, September 7 - 9