Red Weather (fragment); site-specific video installation; 1"05"' played in a loop three times; 2015

Shown during Installment 4 "Cinesauna" at Winter Shack: Feb 14 through March 7, 2015.

I imagined the heated interior of the shack-made-sauna pulsing the vibrant red projection of the video, set within the heavily snow-covered landscape that characterized the winter of 2015.

Red Weather is a fragment of a larger experimental video project (further details can be found here). This section of the animation explores the dualism of the inner and the outer worlds. Using the color red, which often signifies a bodily interior, and projecting it out into the landscape and global weather patterns, I was seeking to visualize the collapse of this dualism. I also used the two extremes of the wetness and dryness of my materials as part of this exploration. Geothermal instability is evoked, along with the fecundity (that climate change threatens) in a sped-up world of fetal development, shifting tectonics, and quickly rising and setting suns. Winter Shack and the CineSauna more precisely – with the extremes of heat and cold, and the strong sense of inner and outer space that will be created – inspired these ideas.