These are images of some of the dozen puppets and various set elements for my ongoing, work-in-progress Red Weather. Most of these are photographs of the installation/ tableau I created at Real Art Ways for my show Metanoia, October 2015 - January 2016.

Red Weather is an experimental video project that employs ceramics, fibers, paper-making processes, natural materials/ earthworks, found footage, puppetry, language, performance, and animation to explore the effects of climate change, pollution, and mass extinction on the present “social imaginary” of nature. I use these art/ craft processes to fabricate new elements to animate, and I also generate new ideas for animation from within these primordial material processes. As I make this project I perform and document actions that connect me to lineages of practices and practitioners rooted in deeply exploring the human relationship with the natural world: survivalists, naturalists, environmentalists, contemplatives, artists. I explore these lineages particularly focusing on the practice of immersion in nature in order to gain insight, in light of our current ecological crises. I wish to make this work as a way of reckoning with the scope of these losses and challenges, and to illuminate the struggle for social-environmental justice and the insights that can be gained by consciously, imaginatively, and collectively confronting problems. I'm currently researching historical and contemporary texts from contemplative and artistic traditions focused on nature-immersion, as well as from science and nature writing and various aspects of the environmental movement.