Peters Valley Anagama Firing - Here I come! / by Elizabeth Phelps Meyer

I just received an educator's scholarship from Peters Valley School of Craft, combined with professional development funding from Oakwood Friends School, to attend a clay workshop at Peters Valley in Layton, NJ this summer. I'll be going to the Firing the Anagama workshop, August 15-22. I built a 3-D Clay Printer there last June as part of Bryan Czibescz's workshop. I went there last summer little knowing that Peters Valley is a wood-firing haven. I walked into their enormous hillside Anagama kiln, which was built in 1980 following a medieval Japanese design. It was astonishing; it took my breath away. I look forward to bringing some of my 3-D-printed clay sculpture back to Peters Valley this summer - as well as other pieces, including vessels from Plainsong Kico - to fire in this extraordinary, gargantuan Anagama kiln.

Here is the link describing the workshop: